Macro Editor

Plot has a build in programing interface which allow editing of three different types of programs.

Built in Plot macro language
Plot has its own programming language with ~300 commands, ~80 functions and ~200 variables. This can be used to automate complex tasks.
Perl based import filter
Perl based import filter can be very useful to import files with unusual data format. Plot builds an easy to access framework around your script which allow to pass the data to Plot.
Perl based data filter
Perl based data filter passes all selected buffers to a Perl script where the data can be manipulated. When the script has finished the data will be returned to Plot as new data buffers.

The interface is the same for all of them. It is possible to call the Perl programs from the Plot macro language and also to add inline Perl scripts.

The big text field contain the macro itself. The small text field is the output console where messages or debug info can be printed. The list on the left contains your macros.