Command Line Options

Plot support some command line options even if none interactive usage is not the focus of Plot.

-i <filename>
Import the file and treat as multicolumn ASCII input.
-m <macro filename>
Execute the content of the given filename as macro.
-f <filename>
Provide a filename to the macro (-m). The Filename will be stored in $file.
-h <yes/no>
If yes hide all windows.
-q <yes/no>
If yes terminate Plot after macro execution.

Note: commandline options does not fully work with the Plot2 version from the AppStore. Use the download version instead:

Example: If you want to import a ASCII file and save the figure as PNG file make a macro file in you favourite text editor (e.g. import.macro):

 import /Users/mike/Desktop/test.dat 0
 savepng /Users/mike/Desktop/test.png

create a test data file (e.g. test.dat):

 1 1
 2 4
 3 9
 4 16
 5 25

and enter in you terminal this command:

 /Applications/ -m import.macro -q yes -h yes