Macro Command Reference

import <filename> <mode> [separator] [xcol] [noxcol] [comment] [ignore] [comment sequence] [only number lines] [time format] [comma separator] [period separator] [timezone] [white spaces] [first row titles]

Import an ASCII file
<mode>: Import mode (0=multicolumn, 1=error values).
[separator]: Defines the field separator for ASCII import.
[xcol]: Defines the X column starting with 1 as the first column.
[noxcol]: If true all columns will be interpreted as Y values and the X values will be generated as sequence number.
[comment]: Overwrites the default comment for the imported buffers.
[ignore]: Lines containing this string will be ignored.
[comment sequence]: Anything in a line behind this sequence will be ignored for import.
[only number lines]: If true import ignores all lines which not begin with a number.
[no time]: If true don't try to import time values
[time format]: custom time format for x column import.
[comma separator]: If true treat comma as field separator
[period separator]: If true treat period as field separator.
[timezone]: set the timezone for time values.
[white spaces]: If true import ignores leading white spaces in lines.
[first row titles]: If true import treat the firest row as column titles.


  import $file \       # filename
       0 \             # mode
       '' \            # separator 
       1 \             # x col
       NO \            # no x col
       'comment' \     # comment
       '' \            # ignore
       '' \            # comment sequence 
       YES \           # only num lines
       NO \            # notime
       'yyyy-MM-dd' \  # time format
       NO \            # comma separator
       NO \            # period separator
       '' \            # time zone
       NO              # whitespace
       NO              # first row titles